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Usually, every building has its unique requirements for security purposes, so we can say a customized security plan works as per the requirements of the security challenges. Your building may have blind spots, hard-to-reach zones, or some other security requirements that need to be kept in mind while designing a foolproof and comprehensive CCTV strategy.

As we are evidence of the evolution of technology every day, even in the security system, video analytics step in, and it’s an essential addition to any perfect and professional security system, allowing operators to monitor their buildings in an embattled and exact way.

What is CCTV Video Analytics?

It’s a software in the system and the biggest technological. It makes your CCTV system more efficient, effective, and operational. On the whole, it improves the overall security and safety processes.

The drastic shift from traditional analog surveillance technology to digital or IP  surveillance solutions has changed the whole perspective of security systems in terms of functionality and professional access.  It helps you to provide digitized video data streams.

Working on CCTV Video Analytics?

This software is designed on a machine learning algorithm to detect conditioned, instance-specific causes based on motion, suspicious behaviors like crowd or loitering, lighting changes, color, or artificial intelligence.  The main work is basically by analyzing live camera footage. Any movement in a prohibited area also leads to instant alerts for real-time response.

Types of video analytics

There are three types of video analytics depending on the working and functionality;

Fixed Algorithm Analytics

It’s working based on rule-based programming. All fixed algorithms are designed to identify selected activities through a procedure of exclusion. These actions may include moving in prohibited or wrong ways, trying to open locked doors, or spoiling. But this type has some limitations, that is, some actions are already fixed and added in the program, but still, if this can’t be detected due to lack of clarity or certain differences, it would be missed by the algorithm and is therefore not spotted.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms work differently as compared to fixed algorithm analytics. It doesn’t work on commands of the designed and specific behavior. On the other hand, it learns from its job by connecting to the camera and analyzing what is normal and what is issue alerts.  We can say after a few weeks of gathering information, and the system will begin to raise alerts for variable or unusual behaviors on screen.

Facial Recognition Analytics

It’s an extension of Artificial Intelligence. This software is commonly used in retail or public CCTV systems to identify persons of interest, like known criminals or former employees. This system identifies the biometrics of the face to find a match in the system. If a match is identified, the system will create an alert to the operator for further response. For this type of system, a good amount of lighting and a stable or fixed background is required. But now, with technological advancement, even some versions also work under poor lighting conditions and moving backgrounds.

Benefits of Video Analytics

There is no doubt that video analytics has improved the overall functionality of CCTV, both regarding security and operations. Now, this technology even allows home and business owners to power their security systems or cameras with automatic notifications that make monitoring easier, operational, and cost-effective.

Here is the list of the benefits of this software. Let’s have a look;

  • Video analytics enable users to take a more practical approach to monitoring. Operators are capable of recognizing possible threats or any safety interruptions in real-time. This will help to shed a lot of pressure on security staff as well, and you can save your money because now there is no need to employ anyone to constantly review footage.
  • Now, all the working and security analysis is more accurate because operators can identify incidents very accurately with video analytics. It’s a money and time-saving option.
  • Video analytics offer operators an understanding of suspect activity in their locations with automated alerts and real-time notices; it will help them respond quickly, professionally, and safely.
  • Video analytics works off a complex range of learning and algorithms, and organizing the program to meet your requirements is extremely easy.
  • Despite counting on a complex range of learning algorithms, operating video analytics is exceedingly straightforward. You have to choose a reliable and professional provider to understand the operations and functionality of your technology to self-manage the individual cameras.
  • Technology always needs upgrades just to improve its functionality. By selecting the best video analytics solution, you will get the advantage that the technology will just improve over time and evolve. More professional companies always add new analytics to their software with the improvement of technology.

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