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From 1 to 10,000 locations at an affordable price

Music 1 Zone (multi zones available):
Paid Monthly:  $35.00/month
Paid Yearly:  $385.00/year (includes 1 month free)

Messaging 1 Zone (multi zones available):
Paid Monthly:  $30.00/month
Paid Yearly:  $330.00/year (includes 1 month free)

Stations targeted towards industry needs

Amplify your store

Custom music solutions to suit personalized needs


All of our stations are curated with businesses in mind. 95% of our stations are family-friendly and do not contain any explicit content – any explicit stations are clearly marked. Our stations follow FCC content guidelines for public play and the Music Team closely examines all lyrics to ensure songs align with station descriptions.


Music is a crucial part of an environment’s energy, whether it is used to calm or liven up a space. Our team carefully curates according to tempo, sound and intensity to fit the right spaces and ultimately influence customer satisfaction and buying behavior.


Many music companies have behind-the-scenes arrangements with record labels to influence a song’s success and revenue. We focus on one thing: playing the music that you want to hear. The music team is happy to work with you to find the perfect station or custom mix for your business!


We work with music industry specialists to curate stations taking into consideration factors such as:

  • Nielsen SoundScan music trends.
  • Music and brand congruence.
  • Music cognition and behavioral case studies.


Our curators are constantly working to improve our stations to fit modern trends. Today’s Hits, for example, is routinely updated with current Billboard hits to keep it fresh and relevant.


We are open to inquiries about specific songs and/or artists in our catalog. Contact our team if you want to know which station has your favorite soul jam or your childhood rock idol!


Clean Language

The latest music with no explicit content. Our Family station is free from any negative or suggestive lyrics

Highest Quality

Normalized music to guarantee the best overhead listening experience.

Reliable Song Removal

Don’t like a song? Want to brand your music? Remove songs from playing in your stream.

Mix Stations

Unlimited mixing where you determine how often stations play.


Monitor Locations

Our dashboard gives immediate feedback on location streaming. Use detailed stream history for troubleshooting.

Control Permissions

Control your locations with multiple permission levels. Empower managers with remote music control.

One-Click Changes

Change music or messaging in once click. Group locations together for targeting.


Pull compliance reports over time. Track messages to sales with downloaded reports.

Limit Company Stations

Limit a set of company branded music choices for all of your locations.

Campaign Tools

Target grouped locations with specific messaging campaigns.


Sample Messages

Test out messaging with sample messages. You can request them from us at any point.

Unlimited Storage

Store an unlimited number of messages in your Library.

Load Your Own Messages

Upload your own messages at no cost.

In-House Studio

Get professional message production from our in-house LA sound studio.

Unlimited Combinations

Move messages from your Library into combinations. Control timing for how often the messages will play.

Assign to Locations

Assign the combinations to play at your locations. Changes are live and can be made at any time.


The most crucial element in streaming rollout is equipment and setup. Once the locations are equipped, we can setup your subscriptions and provide phone and online training to both the corporate office and locations within two weeks’ time.
Demo Would you like a software demo? Our sales team is more than happy to schedule an online demo or conference call to focus in more detail on our technology, music or messaging options. Email: sales@neboconnections.com
Support Our live support center helps you with installation and troubleshooting. Start with one location and add more as you go. Absolutely no startup cost or location minimum. Try us today! Email: support@neboconnections.com